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Date: November, 2011:
Three Magic Bullets of Marketing

Attract more clients like magic! Would you like to attract more clients quickly, easily, and for zero dollars? Would it surprise you to learn that attracting the clients you want most is actually easier than attracting just anyone, and with these magic bullets, it even costs less?

This interactive presentation reveals three simple tools that you can use to make it easy for your best prospects to find you, and will keep your favorite clients loyal to you and your business.

In this presentation, you will learn:
  • What you absolutely positively have to know to attract more of the clients you want most
  • How the magic bullets of marketing work, and when to use them
  • Which magic bullet could be the single most effective marketing tool you'll ever use

Program Deliverables:
Participants will walk away from this presentation understanding the three critical phases of marketing, and how to handle each phase comfortably.

Materials include a guided notes template.


Veronika (Ronnie) Noize, the Marketing Coach, is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach. Through coaching, consulting and training, Ronnie helps small businesses attract more clients. As a marketing coach, Ronnie sees her role as a catalyst to help her clients identify and implement the marketing tools and programs that will help them achieve higher levels of visibility, sales, and success.

She speaks and writes frequently about how to implement low cost, high impact marketing techniques for entrepreneurs. For free marketing resources including articles and valuable marketing tools, visit her web site , or email her.

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