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Date: January, 2011:
Cyber Liability - Errors and Omissions

In keeping with the needs of our membership, this month we are focusing on YOUR business needs instead of your clients. If you sell or service hardware or software, then other businesses depend on you, and we live in a litigious society.

Can you be sued if a backup fails? Can you make a recommendation that turns out to cost you your livelihood ?

What exactly is a consultant liable for, and how can they protect themselves?

Cyber liability is becoming ever more important, and so is having errors and omissions insurance. Find out everything you need to know and then some about this growing concern. We are bringing in a specialist not to scare you into buying insurance, (although that may happen) but to meet the needs of local consultants.

Rick Sorem - Rose City Associates

With over 30 years of combined experience, Rose City Associates, LLC was formed in 2002, focusing on all aspects of personal and business insurance.

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