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Meeting Description

Date: April, 2010:
Battle of the SmartPhones

Our April meeting topic is still tentatively scheduled, but we\'re hoping for a \"Battle of the HandHelds\"

As clients upgrade to the smartest smart phones in the world, they are asking their consultants for advice.

iPhone and Droid are likely candidates, but what about others that may have more to offer, like Windows devices, Palm and Blackberry?

Obviously not every Smart phone offers every feature, nor is every Smart phone the right choice for every user. What are the upside and downsides to each, and how can a consultant give the best advice?

Rather than hear just one providers view, we are hoping to get representatives from both Verizon and from At&T to come show us the latest and greatest 2010 technology, and to answer the tough questions.

We\'re looking for more than just features and bells and whistles, we\'re looking for real-world applications.

How do the different phones react with different software and mail configurations? What phones work with Microsoft Exchange? What else do we need to know about clients mail environment?

The last thing you want to do, for example is to steer someone into a Blackberry that is using exchange server, if they won\'t be able to get their mail.

As we draw closer and get confirmation from the participants we\'ll update this page...

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