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Meeting Description

Date: November, 2009:

 5 Things You Didn't Know Were Possible With Virtualization"

At the November meeting of the Oregon Computer Consultants Association, Jeremy Sherwood of Opus Interactive, Inc . will share specific examples of how current virtualization technology can provide solutions for computer consultants and their clients.

For example, if you have a client with multiple servers operating on older hardware who wants to upgrade without spending a great deal of money, Jeremy will show you how virtualization technology may be the answer.

Virtualization technology has made huge advances in the past four years and may be the tool you're looking for to help your clients maximize their return on investment and increase performance.


About the presenter:

Jeremy Sherwood has extensive experience in sales and technical support. He sees his role as one of an expert problem solver.

"We don't put customers into a cookie cutter" he says, "We strive to give them the individualized interactive solutions they need so their business can grow."

If you're a computer consulting looking to grow your business and your clients' business in 2010, you won't want to miss this presentation! 


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