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Date: August, 2009:
Computers and Your Exposure to the Legal System

  1. Peer 2 Peer File sharing. Your clients may not have a Peer 2 Peer client on their business computer. However, most have home computers with spouses, significant others and of course children. The legal dangers that lurk in this darkened alley can cost you your house, business and even your freedom. We will talk about how to minimize your exposure
  2. So your looking at one of your client's computer and you find what you believe to be disgusting and disturbing images. What do you do?
  3. Do's and Don'ts of drive recovery. Let's talk about the best way to make it work for both you and your client.
  4. Q&A

Location: Aquariva Italian Kitchen

Roy Miller is the President and founder of Miller Computer Group, Inc., a company specializing in the development of software for attorneys, private investigators and law enforcement.

Roy's initial interest in this began during his career as a Special Agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. As a Special Agent in Charge, Roy directed investigations of white-collar crime involving Department of Defense contractors.

At that time software to aid in the collection and organization of data gathered in these large, multi-agency investigations did not exist. Roy's curiosity and initiative led him to the development of software, which has facilitated successful prosecution of individuals who were defrauding the U.S. government of millions of taxpayer dollars. His interest carried on after
the Air Force when he entered private industry.

Roy has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and post-graduate degrees in Management and Computer and Information Resources Management. He has experience and training in many areas of programming and software
development. He also has training and experience in the area of computer forensics.

As a result of the latter he has been retained in numerous civil and criminal cases and has testified as an expert in many of those cases. In many of these cases his expertise has revealed information that was instrumental in the determining the outcome.

Roy's primary passion has been his work with private investigators. His software program Case Works is one of the premier case management and billing programs for investigators. however, popular demand has led Roy to adapt Case Works for other professions, including trial attorneys, law enforcement, public defenders, claims adjusters and health care providers.

As a Licensed Private Investigator, Roy strives to improve the software that enables his clients to actually make more money.

His passion is evidenced by the continued success his clients achieve by adopting many of his business philosophies -- which permeate his software.

Because of his knowledge of computer hardware and software, his varied experience and his easygoing manner, Roy has been a frequent presenter at conferences for private investigators, attorneys, software developers and information management personnel.

His topics have included Increasing Cash Flow, Better Business Practices, Negotiating for Better Deals, Lead
Generation to Wealth, Time Management, Data Base Management, Computer Forensics, Common Use of the Computer as well specialty presentations on a number of computer programs and operating systems.

Roy Miller
Managing Partner
503-655-1408 (Fax)

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