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Meeting Description

Date: July, 2009:
Preview of Microsoft Windows 7

We will be having a presentation on the upcoming release of Windows 7, Microsoft’s newest operating system, to be released to the public on October 22.


The meeting will include a live Release Candidate demonstration which will highlight some of Windows 7’s new features, as well as comparing and contrasting Windows 7 with Vista.


We will also have plenty of time for questions and answers. The speaker will be bringing a box of Windows 7 RC disks to give out.


Jason Mauer is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft, covering the Pacific Northwest. He presents frequently at developer events and user groups about topics related to software development.


Most of his years at Microsoft have been as a development consultant with Microsoft Services, specializing in application development with .NET, SharePoint, and XML technologies. Find him online at


"One of my duties as a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft is to document things. Someone once said the main difference between a journalist and a spy is a journalist reports on government for the people, and a spy reports on people for the government. "

"I wear both hats as a DE. I talk about MS stuff with people on the outside, and I take their feedback and report it back to the Mother Brain. (Yes there is a Mother Brain at MS; it is totally in a standing jar thing just like Metroid. But I digress.)"


No promises, but rumor has it there will be CD's of the Windows latest RC



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