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Date: June, 2009:
Cash Flow Planning for Retirement

Cash Flow Planning for Retirement
Paige Garrison, CFP, CLU Northwestern Mutual

Now that all of our 401(k) plans are 201(k) plans, most of us baby boomers are thinking we might not retire as soon as we had thought. As self-employed professionals, come to our practical seminar to discuss these issues:

  • How much should we allocate to the stock market and how much should be guaranteed?
  • Which accounts should we consider withdrawing from first considering taxes and deferrals?
  • How do we plan to cover our essential expenses? Health insurance, mortgage and utilities?
  • Who will be sending us monthly checks? How will we be able to pay the income taxes?
  • What is a safe withdrawal rate to try and preserve principal?
  • What questions should we be asking our financial institutions and insurance companies for due diligence?
  • Have you really looked under the hood and thought about the reality of what’s to come?

With over twenty years experience as a financial advisor, Paige Garrison's success is due to helping diverse types of clients work toward financial security.

Working with small business owners and professionals, Paige focused on listening to their needs and creating financial strategies to assist them in achieving their personal and business goals.

Financial security means different things to everyone, but planning toward making sure income and assets are protected with life, disability and long-term care insurance form a foundation for the unexpected.

Asset accumulation toward retirement, education and other financial goals require a thorough understanding of risk tolerance and the timeline for her client’s needs. Paige believes in working with the client’s attorney and accountant to provide a coordinated approach to their tax and estate planning.


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