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Date: July, 2008:
Office 2007 - Two Opposing Views

Karen Westerman and Scott Hendison have completely opposing views concerning office 2007.

While both were early adopters, Karen was impressed with Office from the beginning, and Scott immediately found things he intensely disliked, and still does to this day.


Karen Westerman:

It's half-way through 2008. Your clients are finally starting to upgrade or purchase new systems loaded with Office 2007. The question most frequently asked is "what happened to.?" The old features are there, but in new places.

This new Office version has a completely different look and feel to it, starting with the "Ribbon". Karen Westerman will walk you through many of the new features in Excel, Outlook, Word, Access, Powerpoint and Publisher. She'll help you find those old menu selections and icons and assist you in getting started.


Scott Hendison

Scott hated Office 2007 from the very first time he saw it, and will point out in detail, examples of why your clients should stick with the devil they already know, as opposed to further enriching the Microsoft coffers with this (in his opinion) needless upgrade.

He'll run down his list of "top 10 things to hate about Office 2007", as well as some possible solutions and workarounds.

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