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Date: June, 2008:
Developing Business With Open Source

Open Source has matured by leaps and bounds and is now a major force shaping the software industry.  Many of the most mature open source offerings have three powerful characteristics: no licensing fees, ease of integration and large financial backing (venture capital or otherwise).   These characteristics are now changing the options available for small to medium sized businesses.  We will discuss how open source is competing against and cooperating with closed source business software and solutions.  Most importantly, we will discuss how money is being made through the open source by large business entities and the ecosystem of third-party solution providers.


Roberto A. Santiago is the principal of raSANTIAGO + Associates LLC (raSA).  Before starting raSA in 2005 Roberto had a long career in software and technology consulting as well as advanced research in artificial intelligence and neuroscience.  His consulting career has focused on software development, enterprise software architecture, data management and new technology adoption.  An early adopter of the Internet, Roberto formed raSA to market web-based and open-sourced business software solutions.  raSA currently supports a number of commercial and non-profit clients with its software development services and hosted solutions services. 

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