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Date: April, 2008:
Digital IP- Based Video & Security

Online video surveillance is a rapidly growing business, and computer techs looking to branch into new areas of growth should find this session filled with a lot of good information, as our guest will be discussing...

Video Systems – technical and resale opportunities for computer techs


About the Speaker, Jeff Sandine

I’m the sales and marketing guy at Radius Security, based out of the Seattle area. We specialize in high performance IP based video systems for security/surveillance & process controls.

We are “virtual integrators”. We cater to mid sized to larger companies/organizations around the US who have IT staff or skills and the capability to do their own installations. We provide parts and smarts, tech support, design and engineering, etc. Our primary focus is Mobotix IP camera systems and related products: 3rd party software to manage IP video systems, accessories, etc.

My business partner in this venture is Neal Jensen who handles the admin/paperwork and tech support. Both Neal and I have had backgrounds in the retail and wholesale PC business.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s I owned and operated Ballard Computer which for a few years was the largest and most profitable retailer of PC and Mac products in the Seattle area. During my last year of ownership the company had sales of over $24M out of 1 location in a backwater neighborhood of Seattle. I sold this company before the big box stores came to town and before the web became a viable place to purchase products.

Neal owned and operated Micro Supply, a wholesale supplier of PC gear, with locations in 10 Western states. Sales at his company approached $100M per year. He also sold his company at a good time.

Neal and I met last year in Las Vegas at the ISC West show for security products. He was looking for a partner to help get into the video security business and I was looking for a fresh start. As we are both in our mid 50’s, with many laps around the race track, and a variety of traits that make us unemployable, we agreed to start Radius Security.

I do have a variety of other business interests outside of Radius Security:

• I consult with end users on designing and implementing video systems

• I consult with Electronic Security industry resellers on IP video systems and web marketing

• I enjoy creating Joomla websites. I like the organizing and creative part of this. I have spent a small fortune paying web developers to build sites over the years and decided it was time to learn how to do this myself.

Video Systems – technical and resale opportunities for computer techs

In general the current market is dominated by old technology: digital video “analog” systems, aka DVR’s, and a variety of other names which are not technically accurate descriptions of these systems. These are PC’s with a video capture card and software to process the images delivered by analog cameras. Or “standalone” non-PC based systems.

Some of problems with PC based/analog camera systems include:

• PC based DVR’s crash frequently for a variety of reasons: Windows updates and security issues conflicts, overloaded CPU’s, intermittent/insufficient power fluctuations to cameras which register as errors at DVR, which accumulate and ultimately lead to system crash

• Image quality of analog systems is limited to 640x480 frame size. When viewing a large area such as a parking lot, there is very little detail available to work with. Digital zoom with VGA frame size does not work.

• It is increasingly harder to make a profit. Anybody can sell these systems. There are many unlicensed “trunk slammers” out there who employ friends or relatives to install. Very little technical knowledge is required to sell and install basic systems. And web based companies sell for near dealer cost.

So for me, the world of analog video systems can be summarized by one of my favorites:

"The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten."

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