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Date: May, 2007:
Automated Vulnerability Assessment with netVigilance, Inc

Make money, increase customer loyalty, reduce workload with Automated Vulnerability Assessment.


Jesper "JJ" Jurcenoks will run an impressive Hacker Demo that will show you modern hacking techniques including Spear fishing, Buffer overflow hacking using Metasploit, hand executing SQL injection, all on a fully patched system, leading to extraction of sensitive information like Social Security Numbers etc.


JJ will then move on to explain the finer points and terminology of Vulnerability.


Jesper Jurcenoks will then explain how you can use Automated Vulnerability to strengthen your Customer Relationship.


Then stay around for a question and answer period on how specific implementations and for your free copy of netVigilances Software.

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Jesper a.k.a. "JJ" is the Co-founder of netVigilance. Before founding netVigilance "JJ" Owned and Operated a successful ISP and Web-Hosting company, and ran a highly respected systems integration firm called "InterSpace" in Northern Europe for seven years. Prior to that, he was a team leader and senior consultant for several multinational corporations including Minolta and Compaq Computers (Now Hewlet-Packard). In the late 1980's, JJ Pioneered the field of "Thin Clients" and Satellite emails from vessels in the Atlantic Ocean.

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