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Meeting Description

Date: January, 2007:
Search Engine Optimization: What every consultant needs to know

What are the basics of Search Engine Optimization? In the first part of the presentation, Scott will cover his own Top Ten Fundamentals of the search engines, explaining what every site must have, to be given a fighting chance in the search engines.


Then, what do you do after the basics are already in place? What should a site owner or web designer do? What can anyone do besides sit back and wait?


How about as a computer consultant or network administrator who keeps getting asked about client websites, back ends, installing content management systems, blogs, etc? What should you recommend? How can you be sure you re in the proper hosting environment for your client needs?


Finally, what should a website REALLY look like? You may think it looks great, but is it turning visitors into clients? Are you turning people away the moment they arrive? Improving conversion rates on websites is often quite simple. Scott will summarize basic eye tracking studies and look at general visitor behavior as it relates to page layout.


If you are an IT service provider, a web designer, a computer consultant, or even just interested in the basic search engine marketing, this presentation is for you.


Presented by
Scott Hendison: CEO of Search Commander


Scott Hendison is the CEO of Search Commander. He is a former Portland computer store operator that built a local on-site service business through Pay Per click and organic search engine optimization.


In 2003, he started specializing in search marketing, and today serves clients in 5 countries, who find him on the front page of most search engines for “internet consultant” and related phrases.

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