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Meeting Description

Date: September, 2006:
Security, Protecting Client Data

Dan will discuss current issues in security including:
  • Encryption:
    • What general types of encryption are there and where are they used?
    • What is SSL and how does it work?
    • How do you know if the data you send over the Internet is encrypted?
    • How do encryption keys work on the Internet?
    • How are online banking and credit card transactions handled, what can go wrong?
    • What is a hash table and why is it cool?
  • Approaches to securing data on:
    • Laptops
    • Backups
    • Flash Drives
  • How can we do our due diligence to help secure our client's data?


Presented by
Dan Sweet is founder and President of Crescendo Research


Dan Sweet is founder and President of Crescendo Research and a local expert on Networking, security and WAN/LAN troubleshooting and support. A former board member of the OCCA Dan's networking expertise encompasses Unix, Linux and Windows.

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