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Meeting Description

Date: January, 2006:
Successful Negotiations

Bud does IT Consulting and teaches sell-side negotiation skills to clients like EMC and IBM. In this presentation, Bud will provide us with a high-level appreciation of the negotiation process, and will equip us with a couple of basic skills to assist us in negotiating with our clients.


Negotiation is a way of life in most of the world. Everything is negotiable, but unlike most cultures, we in the United States often pay the "list price" for goods and services without question. In the few cases where most of us do negotiate (automobile and home purchases. etc.), we do not like or enjoy the process. Attend the meeting and learn to feel better about the process and be a more successful negotiator.


Presented by
Bud Hartley, Negotiations and IT Consultant


Bud is an independent contractor who teaches negotiation skills with a specialty in the high technology industry. He has over 27 years of experience in assisting clients maximize their revenue and profit through strategic planning and the application of IT technology.


He is currently affiliated with K&R Negotiation Associates LLC in Connecticut and with Marquam Group here in Portland.

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