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Date: November, 2005:
The Next Big ((Wireless)) Thing

Not long ago, we were all connecting to the internet via 56k modem waiting for that horrible sound and settling for very poor performance. We didn't really care, we had discovered a whole new world. Then came broadband internet connectivity with DSL and cable. We all were willing to spend a small monthly fortune for something very new ................. SPEED.


Then came something called WIFI. Considered the mother of true mobility, wireless networks sprung up like weeds and things were rolling. Mobile workers hit the street and business strategy and efficiencies changed.


Now, we are witnessing the forefront of the next technology advancement that will complete the wireless evolution. With the deployment of 1x EVDO (Broadband Access) from Verizon Wireless, things will never be the same.


MOBILITY: You can now access the internet while in the airport, at the worksite or even in a taxi with the freedom of the largest high-speed wirelss newtork in the United States. Broadband access from Verizon wireless covers more than 1/3 of Americans in more than 171 major metropolitan markets. The Portland, Seattle and several other metro areas are now fully covered.


SPEED: Quickly download complex files and view email attachments with average download speeds of 400-700kbs capable of reaching up to 2.0 mbs

SIMPLICITY: Broadband access is easy to set-up and use. No wires, phone jacks, or seperate Internet service provider (ISP) required. Simply connect to Broadband Access with a compatible PC Card that slides directly into most laptops. Plus, manage the business and Internet applications you need with VZ access manager interface.



Presented by

John Stromquist, Business Development Manager for CTL Wireless


John Stromquist is the business development manager for CTL Wireless, a division of Computer Technology Link Corportion (CTL). John has been with the company for six years and in wireless data for 2 years. CTL Wireless is a Master Data agent for Verizon Wireless with focus on wireless mobility solution sales. CTL Wireless's goal is to proliferate mobile data usage and device deployment through education, training, and custom data applications.

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