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Meeting Description

Date: October, 2005:
Clash of the Titans

Microsoft's new SBA accounting system is going to be a real contender with perennial market leader Quickbooks. They not only appear to have a good product, but their marketing strategy seems sound, and they have the power to make their presence felt. We will examine and demonstrate both products as well as mention alternatives like Quicken and Peachtree. We will try and determine those situations where one will work better than the others. We will also examine the potential for add-on products and services with each. In addition to our two primary presenters, we will be open for the experiences of those in the audience who are knowledgeable.

Presented by
Tom Rich, President of Mount Hood Computer Services, Inc.
Dawn Ashpole, President of SBA Services Inc.

Tom Rich, President of Mount Hood Computer Services, Inc. Mt. Hood Computer Services, Inc. was formed in 1998 to provide comprehensive, professional, and affordable consulting and computer services to businesses of all sizes in the Pacific Northwest. As a Microsoft Registered Partner we sell and service most Microsoft products, especially Small Business Server 2003.

Tom has over twenty five years of experience in computer system design, application development, network deployment projects and network administration support to our customers. Tom specializes in Microsoft servers, small business and back office products, terminal server and thin clients. He also emphasizes security and Netilla Networks.

Dawn Ashpole, President of SBA Services Inc. Dawn is a certified Quickbooks Pro consultant. Dawn has worked with hundreds of small-medium businesses over the last 17 years, helping them select and use the best accounting software for their needs. Dawn looks at the needs of the business and helps select the best software package. She believes in customizing the accounting software to the needs of the business (rather than customizing the business to fit the software).

She has worked with almost every type of industry and knows both QuickBooks and Peachtree inside/out. If you have a question/problem, Dawn is the one who can fix it. Dawn offers phone support, one-on-one training, classroom training and email support for both software and accounting needs.

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