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Meeting Description

Date: September, 2005:
Security Revisited: From Physical to Internet Security

We will take another look at computer and data security from a different angle. Dan will look at physical security and the lessons learned from hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.


Peter will discuss database and website security--he will use the OCCA's website as a case study to illustrate the evaluation process and trade-offs involved in designing a security system.


Presented by
Dan Sweet, owner of Crescendo Research Group
Peter Miller, Peter Miller Consulting


Dan Sweet is founder and President of Crescendo Research and a local expert on Networking, security and WAN/LAN troubleshooting and support. A former board member of the OCCA Dan's networking expertise encompasses Unix, Linux and Windows.


Contact: Dan Sweet
Phone: (503) 653-0574


Peter designs and builds database and web-based applications. He works with Windows, Linux and Unix using open-source software where appropriate--including integrating open-source tools with proprietary systems.


Contact: Peter Miller
Phone: (503) 675-0238

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