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Meeting Description

Date: May, 2005:
Selling Linux and Open Source Software

The presentation will answer questions about selling and Supporting Linux and Open Source Software (OSS) in a Windows-dominated world. The focus will be on synergy and not on replacing Windows desktops with Linux. The presentation will include live demos and answers to:


  • How can Linux/OSS augment a Windows environment?
  • How can I make money selling Linux/OSS?
  • How will the market change because of Linux/OSS?
  • How can I sell Linux/OSS into a Windows-only shop?
  • What do I need to know technically?
  • Can I be proficient in both Windows and Linux/OSS?
  • If I can't be proficient in both, who can I partner with?


Presented by
Ed Sawicki, Tailored Computers


Phone: 503-635-6370

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