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Meeting Description

Date: April, 2003:
The Troubled PC Disaster Prevention, Recovery and Troubleshooting

A panel of established computer consultants will discuss, among themselves and with the audience, practical questions related to preventing and troubleshooting PC and networking problems
Among the topics which they will discuss are:
  1. Disaster Prevention
    • Power related
    • Security related
    • User related (Right restrictions)
    • Suspect Software
    • Computer cleanup - spyware, virus, firewall
    • Other
  2. Disaster recovery
    • Various Backup Strategies (and stragedies)
    • System images
    • Installation guides
    • Software inventories and management
    • Tools
  3. Troubleshooting Tools and Techniques
    • When to troubleshoot, when to just buy new
    • Cleaning up the startup
    • Uninstalling
    • Registry Editing
    • Useful Tools
    • Network diagnostics
    • What was your weirdest disaster?

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