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Meeting Description

Date: August, 2004:
Tools and Toys for the Computer Consultant.

A general discussion on hardware devices to help make your job easier and more fun. Hear from other consultants how they use the latest devices in their work.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Tablet PCs and Notebooks.
    • How tablet PC s can be used by the consultant for everything from note taking to handing the customer a bill before you leave.
  • Palm pilots and Pocket PCs.
    • Using handhelds in our business.
    • Note taking on a small screen.
    • Internet connectivity. Checking on customers systems through the Internet.
    • Bluetooth and the handheld.
  • Cellular technology.
    • Integrated handhelds.
    • Internet connections through your phone.
  • The use of pen drives.
    • Utilities, backup.
  • The uses of wireless Internet.
  • Hardware for data recovery and backup.
    • USB and firewire hard drive cases.
    • Portable CD-RWs, DVD writers and other backup devices.
  • Using technology to navigate to a new location.
    • Mapping software
    • Wireless Internet to check freeway conditions
    • GPS
  • Recording devices for making voice notes.
  • Stuff just for fun.

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