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Meeting Description

Date: January, 2016:
Resources we use - Part 2

In November we started a discussion of resources we use. We focused on what products and services we re-sell, where we get them and how that works for us. This month we will continue that discussion but focus on those resources that help us run our business and provide our services.

1. Website Resources: What Websites do you use in your business and how: For example, to test Internet speed, or Passmark CPU tests to establish a baseline for CPU speed. for blacklists mxlookup etc.

2. Training Resources: What resources do you use to keep current and get training? These should include: websites, podcasts, schools, video casts, online training, webinars, etc.

3. Business Resources: Finances, Client tracking and billing

4. Software we use: Password safes, text editors, FTP, Email, PDF etc.

5. Dealing with Windows 10: How do you protect privacy? How do you prepare clients for upgrades?

6. Other: What did we miss?

Please try and make a list of your useful resources and bring it to the meeting. We'd like to get everyone involved.
This will be an open discussion involving everyone. Tim Chalmers (Your computer Guy) and Andy Hundt (Pro Activist Computer Support) will moderate.

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