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Meeting Description

Date: September, 2015:
Make more money by growing your business

  • What is my vision for the business?
  • What is my mission?
  • Doing the S.W.O.T. Analysis (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats)
  • If I can't do everything myself, how will I get help? Employees or contractors?

Bud Hartley has over 30 years experience in assisting clients maximize their revenue and profit. Experienced in sales management, marketing programs development, customer executive education and sales support including leading the IBM software executive briefing program for e-business; over 15 years experience in business development, strategic alliances and vendor relations; over 20 years experience developing and executing marketing and sales programs; and over 18 years direct sales experience.

Specialties: Sales and Marketing Management, Strategic Planning, Public speaking, building and delivering presentations and education & training programs. Negotiation skills training, workshop facilitation, teaching, business consulting, I/T consulting, and mentoring.

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