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Meeting Description

Date: October, 2014:
Social Security Strategies

Social Security benefit strategies are like finger prints. Everyone’s strategy is different. The Social Security personnel will not provide guidance for your benefit issues. Rick will explain some of the things you should understand and consider when applying for your Social Security benefits.

What is:
  • Early Retirement Age
  • Full Retirement age
  • Deferred retirement age (credits)
  • Spousal Benefits

What other factors should be considered when choosing to accept Social Security benefits.
  • How does continuing to work affect your benefits?
  • What about other income sources?
  • Life expectancy versus total benefits received.
  • The effects of inflation

Questions and answers

Meeting notes are downloadable at:

Rick Leipzig has over 35 years of experience working with small business in the Portland area. He is experienced in the federal and Oregon taxation of: individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts/estates as well as payroll tax reporting, retirement planning, City of Portland, Multnomah County and Tri-Met.

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