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Meeting Description

Date: May, 2014:
Alternatives to Windows, when should we be selling non-Windows solutions

Our computing world and client base has become more diverse. Clients are using tablets, phones, notebooks, transformers, as well as desktop computers. Client needs and expertise vary radically. Four OCCA members will discuss the proper place for various operating systems and lead a discussion with everyone involved.

We will try and discuss the Pros and Cons of these operating systems:
  • Mac OS
  • IOS
  • Chrome (Chromebooks)
  • Android
  • Windows Phone (briefly presented)
  • Linux

We are not trying to pursue the illusory "best" or "right" operating system. We are trying to more fully understand how to help our clients evaluate their options. What do these systems do well, what don't they do well and who should consider using them.

Come with your experiences and your questions.
Moderator: Tim Chalmers: Your Computer Consultants

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