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Meeting Description

Date: November, 2013:
Obamacare 101: How does it work and what can it do for me?

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss practical problems. Among the topics that will be covered are:
  • What do we need to know about the new healthcare law?
  • Who can get premium subsidies and how do I qualify?
  • What are the tax ramifications for individuals receiving subsidies?
  • How do I get the information I need from the CoverOregon Site?
  • What are the basic things to consider to make sure I'm protected while not paying more than I need to?
  • How do I interpret the details shown on CoverOregon, like understanding whether the deductible covers both drugs and medical services, or is treated separately for each?

Ray Armstrong is the CEO of InsuranceNW. He is an entrepreneur and independent health insurance broker, licensed across the country, as well as a certified agent for CoverOregon, WashingtonHealthplanFinder & CoveredCalifornia. Ray has knowledge far beyond the average local agent and specializes in helping the self-employed out of compassion for the small businessman and families trying to make ends meet. He creates custom plans for each client by utilizing his nationwide access to dozens of insurance companies to create a plan to best meet his clients health needs as well as budget.

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