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Meeting Description

Date: April, 2013:
Easy and Inexpensive Screencasting

Screencasting can  help you clearly explain concepts to your clients as well as give you instant credibility. But, screencasting programs can be expensive and complex. However, all of use do not all need to create professional quality videos. Sometimes we just need to quickly and clearly convey some information and video is the best way to do so.

Rich will present a guide to inexpensive tools for screencasting which make the process pretty easy and will enable you to create clear instructive videos in little time and at low cost.

Some topics he'll cover are:
  • Why Video?
  • What hardware is needed?
  • Capturing video and capturing images
  • Sharing with Jing and sharing with Snagit
  • When is Jing better?
  • When is Snagit better?
  • Going beyond the simple tools


Rich Wersinger founded RJW Consulting in 1998, and formed as RJW Consulting, LLC in July 2010. In 2007, Rich expanded his services to include screencast videos.

Rich has been helping professionals expand their horizons and realize potential they never thought possible since he was a scout in his teens. His first professional assignment in 1982-1984 was training Royal Saudi Naval Forces officers how to manage the day-to-day activities aboard their small naval vessels. Since then, he has discovered the challenges and successes helping professionals use software applications effectively

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