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Meeting Description

Date: November, 2012:
How to Secure Your Data

A fast moving moderated discussion on data safety, involving everyone. Times approximate.

Topics to cover:

File Encryption (10 Minutes)
  • Encrypting Any file: Axcrypt, Aescrypt, etc.
  • Using PDF to encrypt documents

Email Encryption (5 Minutes)

Folder or Multifile Encryption (10 minutes)
  • Truecrypt Files / Mounted drives
  • Other proprietary

Full Disk Encryption (10 minutes)
  • TrueCrypt
  • Microsoft BitLocker (Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise)
  • Hardware from Manufacturer / Bios

Backup encryption (15 minutes)
  • Online backups
  1. Encrypted with THEIR Key
  2. Encrypted with YOUR key
  • Local Backups
  • Image Backups

Factors to consider (10 minutes)
  • Passwords
  • Hash technology
  • Salt
  • Iterations
  • Problems created by Password resetting or bypassing because of lost passwords.
  • Multiple algorithms

Steve Shank, of Oregon Computer Solutions, will moderate the group discussion.

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