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Meeting Description

Date: May, 2012:
Offering Managed Services for Small Business

  • Managed Services – What it is and why you would choose to offer it.
  • Monthly recurring revenue vs. managed services.
  • What is "Managed Services” when it comes to helping small businesses with computer and network management?
  • What is the business reason for a small business owner to sign up for manages services?
  • What is the business reason for a service provider to offer managed services?
    • Stabilize cash flow
    • Retain clients longer
    • More to be added during discussion
  • How Managed Services model affects your business valuation.
    • Do you have a business or a job?
    • The Managed Service Agreement
    • "The key to maximizing the value of an organization is in maximizing consistent earnings over time”, Erick Simpson
  • Deciding what services to offer (deliverables)
    • One program, "you are on the plan or not”.
    • Tiered program; none, Bronze, Silver, Gold
    • Do you want to offer "all-you-can-eat”.
    • A La Carte "pick from a list with each item priced separately”
    • Monitoring Only
  • Tools you can use – hosted or in-house
    • Kaseya, Level Platforms, N-able, Continuum (formerly Zenith)
    • What to monitor
  • Pricing Managed Services.
  • How do you start?
    • Sell to an existing client
    • Market to all new clients
  • Q & A

Tom Rich

Currently Senior Technology Consultant for On Line Support, Inc.
Former: Owner of Mt. Hood Computer Services, Inc.
Former board member of: OCCA, Technology Wizards, No Bug
Former MSCE, CCEA, Small Business Specialist

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