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Meeting Description

Date: February, 2012:
Backups - What we all need to know

A panel will present a wide ranging discussion of Backup Technologies. We will include the following topics:
  • Local backups: We will cover a wide range of both software and hardware, including USB Drives and NAS drives from various manufacturers. There will also be a discussion of various imaging software options.
  • Online Backups: A large number of Online backup options will be discussed including possible revenue streams for re-sellers.
  • Mobile Backups: This will be briefly discussed.
  • Sync Versus Backup: We will discuss various Synchronization options and when they are best used.
  • Best Practices: We will discuss basic recommendations as well as maintaining security for both online backups and local backups.
  • Live Backup of Open Files
  • Restoring from a Remote Backup

Participation from the audience will be encouraged.

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