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November, 2017: How to Protect Yourself & Your Clients From Me and My Targeted Marketing

November, 2017: Apple and Windows: Working Together

September, 2017: Ransomware and our Defensive Strategies

August, 2017: Do you know about ...?

July, 2017: Ins and outs of IPv6

June, 2017: Building and managing large area wireless networks

May, 2017: Audio and Video Conferencing

April, 2017: Setting up the ideal desktop computer - Part 2

March, 2017: Setting up the ideal desktop computer

February, 2017: Intel in the Virtual space - and more

January, 2017: Trends in the Cybersecurity

November, 2016: What every business owner should know about Google Services

October, 2016: Secrets of Soft Selling

September, 2016: Datto and other backup solutions

August, 2016: Fraud in the Small Business Environment

July, 2016: Advanced Network Troubleshooting

June, 2016: Advanced Wireless Networking Technologies

May, 2016: RemoteApp - App Delivery From the Cloud

April, 2016: How you resolved a big technical challenge

March, 2016: Network security and troubleshooting

February, 2016: Google Work and Office 365 - when each is best

January, 2016: Resources we use - Part 2

November, 2015: Resources we use

October, 2015: Microsoft 365 options

September, 2015: Make more money by growing your business

August, 2015: Passwords: the good, the bad, and the ugly

July, 2015: What's Windows 10 Really Like?

June, 2015: My Favorite App

April, 2015: Drive imaging. What to use and how to use it.

March, 2015: Regional Internet Backbones

February, 2015: Methods of Remote Support

January, 2015: More Business with Email Marketing

November, 2014: New Trends and Technologies from Intel

October, 2014: Social Security Strategies

September, 2014: New Marketing Strategies for the New Economy

August, 2014: Microsoft Azure

July, 2014: Russian Dolls: Comparing Virtualization Technologies

June, 2014: Google, SEO and Beyond

May, 2014: Alternatives to Windows, when should we be selling non-Windows solutions

April, 2014: Protecting your business

March, 2014: Developing Referrals with LinkIn

February, 2014: Office 2013 and Office 365 for IT consultants

January, 2014: Intro to HTML5

November, 2013: Obamacare 101: How does it work and what can it do for me?

October, 2013: CRM: "He Who Has the Data Wins"

September, 2013: Windows 8 Discussion

August, 2013: The Benefits of cloud services for small business and consultants

July, 2013: Intel in the Mobile Space

June, 2013: A Look at Mobile Apps

May, 2013: Office 365

April, 2013: Easy and Inexpensive Screencasting

March, 2013: A Consultant's Guide to Quickbooks

February, 2013: USB Tricks and Tools

January, 2013: CES 2013 / New Technology

November, 2012: How to Secure Your Data

October, 2012: Apple iOS Devices & Computers in Business

September, 2012: What Business Owners need to know about Internet Marketing

August, 2012: Windows 8, is it right for business?

July, 2012: Intel: What's now, What's next?

June, 2012: Office Related Ergonomics

May, 2012: Offering Managed Services for Small Business

April, 2012: How to use Google+ for Business

March, 2012: Proprietor to Employer; What's the Process?

February, 2012: Backups - What we all need to know

January, 2012: CES 2012 / New Technology

November, 2011: Three Magic Bullets of Marketing

October, 2011: WordPress: It's More Than Just a Blog

September, 2011: Social Media w/ Tom Howe

August, 2011: The DOs and DONTs of Mobile Strategy

July, 2011: Encryption and Passwords: Keeping Safe

June, 2011: Outlook Efficiency

May, 2011: Microsoft - Scott Hanselman

April, 2011: Cisco

March, 2011: Screencasting for Client Success

February, 2011: Intel

January, 2011: Cyber Liability - Errors and Omissions

November, 2010: Google in the Cloud

October, 2010: Microsoft in the Cloud

September, 2010: Peaceful Coexistence - Mac + Windows Windows Active Directory

August, 2010: Microsoft Office & Options

July, 2010: Google Essentials in 2010

June, 2010: Backup Processes

May, 2010: Big IT Security on a Little IT Budget

April, 2010: Battle of the SmartPhones

March, 2010: Windows Media Center

February, 2010: Time Management

January, 2010: Taxes & Deductions

November, 2009: Virtualization

October, 2009: Selling Services

October, 2009: Windows 7 Workshop - Saturday Event

September, 2009: Favorite Software Tools

August, 2009: Computers and Your Exposure to the Legal System

July, 2009: Preview of Microsoft Windows 7

June, 2009: Cash Flow Planning for Retirement

May, 2009: Wimax Presentation

April, 2009: Equus & CRU Dataport

March, 2009: Symantec Backup Exec

February, 2009: Social Networks For Business

January, 2009: CES Show / New Technology

November, 2008: Launching a Software Product

October, 2008: VOIP meeting

September, 2008: September 2008 Meeting

August, 2008: Open Source Software on the Desktop

July, 2008: Office 2007 - Two Opposing Views

June, 2008: Developing Business With Open Source

May, 2008: Cloud Computing - Scott Hanselman

April, 2008: Digital IP- Based Video & Security

March, 2008: Intel - Ben Lee

February, 2008: Asus EEE Notebook - OCCA new website

January, 2008: Rick Leipzig - CPA

November, 2007: PC Club Management to speak to local consultants

October, 2007: Windows Sharepoint Services

September, 2007: Apple in a World of Windows

August, 2007: Microsoft Windows Home Server and

July, 2007: Tools for Reports – MS Access vs. Crystal Reports vs. SQL Server

June, 2007: Let's Talk Time and Money !!

May, 2007: Automated Vulnerability Assessment with netVigilance, Inc

April, 2007: Arlene McClean with Work Smarter

March, 2007: Stump the Geekfest

February, 2007: MS Excel: The Easy, Not so Easy and the Really Fun Stuff

January, 2007: Search Engine Optimization: What every consultant needs to know

November, 2006: Disaster prevention, recovery and business continuity

October, 2006: Marketing

September, 2006: Security, Protecting Client Data

August, 2006: Just Around the Corner -- The Upcoming Changes in Computer Hardware

July, 2006: Previewing Vista and Office 2007

June, 2006: The Business Side of Consulting

May, 2006: Content Management Systems More than just a webpage!

April, 2006: VoIP: A Consultant's Perspective

February, 2006: When to Choose Which AMD Processor

January, 2006: Successful Negotiations

November, 2005: The Next Big ((Wireless)) Thing

October, 2005: Clash of the Titans

September, 2005: Security Revisited: From Physical to Internet Security

August, 2005: Building Business with Buzz

July, 2005: HIPAA - Covered Entities & Third Parties

June, 2005: Disk-based Backup Solution with Data Protection Manager from Microsoft

May, 2005: Selling Linux and Open Source Software

April, 2005: Mac OS X Server Overview for Windows Administrators

March, 2005: Mobile Security

February, 2005: The Tax Man Commeth

November, 2004: Just Around the Corner -- The Upcoming Changes in Computer Hardware

October, 2004: Computer Forensics

September, 2004: Tools of the Trade

August, 2004: Tools and Toys for the Computer Consultant.

July, 2004: How to Grow your Business Faster

June, 2004: Backups

May, 2004: Contracting Considerations for the Computer Consultant

April, 2004: LAN, WAN, and Wireless Technologies

March, 2004: Insurance and Investments for the Computer Consultant

February, 2004: Consulting with Linux. Is Linux ready for our clients? Are our clients ready for Linux?

January, 2004: How to Get Your Phone to Ring

January, 2004: Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

November, 2003: Securing the Desktop Computer: Improving safety and reliability

October, 2003: Business Ethics: What would you do if...?

August, 2003: Information Management for the Micro Business

July, 2003: Local Vendor Forum

June, 2003: Microsoft Small Business Server 2003

May, 2003: The Money Thing

April, 2003: The Troubled PC Disaster Prevention, Recovery and Troubleshooting

March, 2003: A Practical Guide to Running Your Computer Consultancy

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