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SQL Consulting, Inc.

9925 SW 59th Avenue
Portland OR 97219
Contact Person: Kurt Survance
Phone: (503) 342-3422
fax: (503) 892-6296 send email

At SQL Consulting, Inc. our philosophy is to do one thing well. In our case, that one thing is Microsoft SQL Server consulting.

We know we can't be experts at everything, but we ARE SQL Server experts. We are trained, certified and experienced with SQL Server and all the technologies required to maintain a high performance, secure and reliable database environment for your company.

If your business runs on a SQL Server database, I think you will find that we are the people you're looking for.

Specializing in

  • SQL Server

Services Provided

  • Database Administration
  • Database Conversion
  • Database Design/Planning
  • Database Online

Products Supported

  • Microsoft SQL Server

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