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Contact: Frank Poliat
Phone: (503) 754-8432
I am trainer/product analyst at Perka Inc acting as technology evangelist to SMBs--a veteran of decades owning and running retail and manufacturing businesses, as well as working in technology oriented inside and field sales for companies from small to Fortune 500. Together we can help you to identify your true priorities and "must-dos. Whether or not you are currently planning to sell your business, you must organize it as if you were going to sell it as a turnkey operation.

Cornelius Concepts
Contact: David Cornelius
Phone: (503) 319-1406
Cornelius Concepts builds custom software solutions, from Linux services to data integrations to web sites. David Cornelius has experience in large and small systems encompassing retail, education, government, real estate, health care, and finance. He can deal with a variety of file formats, database engines, and internet services. Whether you need a desktop app, an embedded script, or a cloud solution, Cornelius Concepts can build it!

JPS Enterprises, Inc.
Contact: Justin Swall
Phone: (877) 823-8030

Contact: Ari Milner
Phone: (844) 752-6488

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